Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Storytelling Resources

I love reading Aesop's Fables. As a matter of fact we use them for our narration,copywork and dictation lessons in our homeschool. The fables are short,to the point but teach important life lessons that children of any age can easily understand. I just ran across this site and thought it would be worth mentioning
Also check out and
Keep the kids busy this summer with storytelling,reading and writing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Storytelling Games and Activities

There are a number of games to get your children or anyone else for that matter interested in storytelling. Try these activities with your family. Storytelling binds families together and provides entertainment while teaching your children family history,folktales or classic stories.Collecting Family Stories
Have students collect true tales about the "old days" by interviewing older relatives. Have students find out about the history of their families as far back as anyone can tell them.

Family stories are tales about people, places, and events related to families or their ancestors. Family stories casually talked about at the dinner table,or retold at family gatherings remind us of great epics or notable short stories. The memorable stories of our lives and of others in our family take on special importance because they are true, even if every persons perspectives of the these stories are different. These tales are family heirlooms held in the heart not the hand. They are a gift to each generation that preserves them by remembering them and passing them on. Go and start stories with your family today!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Great Storytelling Resources.

Here are some great storytelling sites with some awesome resources you may want to check out. Don't forget to go to and sign up for all the give aways.

Aesops Fables online at

Legends of America at ( this is a great site if you love history)

Paul Bunyan:American Folklore at

Stories for the Seasons at (seasonal stories)

Education at ( lesson plans on 10 characters from American Folklore--Pecos Bill,Daniel Boone,John Henry and more)

"To do with out tales and stories and books is to lose humanity's past,is to have no star map for our future."

-Jane Yolen

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grand Opening Party and Everybody Is a WINNER!!

That's right!! This is our BIG GRAND OPENING PARTY. Everyone who enter will win so hurry on over to or click on the link in the rt. sidebar for all the details. We are so excited about this program for you and your family. Not only can kids publish their own books but everyone in the family can. If you have any questions you can email from here or from the kidswritebooks site. Now,go and claim your prizes!!!
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Books For Families

This book comes from The Let's Make A Memory Series. From the description--There’s something tender, sacred and very special about family traditions. Some are inherited from past generations, and some are born within your own family. Either way, traditions create closeness and seal the ties that bind families together.

In Creating Family Traditions, Gloria Gaither and Shirley Dobson share their own ideas that will help make meaningful, long-lasting memories throughout the years to come. It’s packed with easy-to-do, fun-filled activities for holidays and special occasions through all the seasons of the year, and can be enjoyed by all, from toddlers to grandparents. This is the second book in the Let’s Make a Memory series.

This book shows how important and powerful family storytelling can be in a family. How it bonds families together and brings them closer. This tradition is all to lacking from our fast paced lifestyle. This book is a great reminder.

Keep the Faith,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Storytelling....A Gift to Give and Receive

Storytelling is the way we learn naturally. Stories connect generations to one another. Children love their parents or grandparents to tell them stories from when they were kids. For years stories have been told to convey lessons,to teach and to educate. Storytelling can be a incredible teaching tool where information is more easily retained. Telling stories along with reading and writing can all work together to bring a more rounded approach to learning. Historical facts embedded into a good story can result in students retaining more of the information. Storytelling can be powerful. It supports speaking and listening skills,motivates reading and writing and stimulates the imagination. Stories can teach,reinforce and introduce ideas and curriculum's in a more logical and creative way. Stories can teach important life principles and lift our spirits. Stories help us remember our past and allow us to live on for generations. Stories can be used to present and preserve our culture and heritage. In this fast paced world it is so important that we look back at where we came from and share that rich history with our children so that they will share with theirs. At my house I am always repeating stories that my parents told me or about events that happened when I was a child to my son.

A Cheyenne storyteller once said,"Stories are gifts. It is up to us to GIVE and receive them."
Share Your Stories,

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm An Author Writing Workshop Online Version

Great news!! The online version of I'm An Author Writing Workshop will be having it's grand opening soon. Head on over there and check it out at the link in the right sidebar. We will be giving away all sorts of prizes to celebrate,more on that later. You will not want to miss all the give-aways. Someone will win the whole program for FREE,yes that's right FREE so check back often.

The I'm An Author program is a children's writing residency program that culminates in a bound book and has been created for use in the public/private school system, on a large scale. This is a great summertime activity for your kids and if you homeschool this online program would be a great writing program for next year.

We can help you,find,capture and publish your own book on any subject you choose, the sky is the limit. I just finished a family history book and my son is working on a book about his dogs. So anyone can publish their own book. I am so excited about this program for kids. I'm An Author will boost their confidence when they see their own story as a published book.

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