Friday, April 24, 2009

"No Day is over if it makes a Memory"

One day last week while reading a blog I ran across Cherish Bound, a publishing company that helps people organize,write and publish their own stories. This intrigued me so I investigated a little more and I am excited about what I found out. They have products like "Story Starters" to help get the ball rolling,story notebooks to keep your notes and an online publishing tool where you upload your story complete with pictures. Once you are finished with your story, Cherish Bound publishes it and sends it to you. You can Buy one or a hundred. Cherish Bound also archives your stories so that you can replace your book at any time. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion. At first I was just going to purchase a book and work on my own story but I decided to become a consultant. I went last night and started on my free sample book and after a few minutes I got the hang of it and before long I will have my first published book. I encourage you to check it out at You may decide to start on your story today.