Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tools That Will Help You Get Started Writing Your Story

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I know you would love to create your own stories and have them published,who wouldn't? Maybe you would write a book about your family,your friends,your homeschool journey or maybe a mystery. Do you want your kids to enjoy writing? Are you looking for a summer activity for your kids? We have many tools to help you get your started. Tools that trigger memories and stories from your own life. Tools that will get your kids talking and preparing their own stories .Here are just a few of the tools we have that can get you started. We can also help you publish your story at Cherish Bound's Publishing Center. I am having a give-away right now on this blog for some of these great tools so don't miss your chance.

This guide is full of writing tips that will help you make your story the best it can be. It is also filled with ideas for interviewing your loved ones about their stories-whether it's your great-grandmother telling you about her teen years or your own teen teling you about the thrill of winning a football game.

Get your children chatting with these fun conversation cards.

Story Starters are a great way to get your story going. There are tons of these for every age and every occasion. Here are just a few.

This Story Starter is designed to help children share thoughts and feelings all about themselves, their friends, their dreams and lots more.

Every family is unique and every family is special. Help your child tell all about your family with the My Family Story Starter

Buying your first car, moving out on your own, running your first race, earning a special award� if you did it, there is usually a story about struggle and triumph or disaster and disappointment. This Story Starter will help you identify and write about your achievement, inspiration, and motivation. Explore your achievements with the I Did It Story Starter and start sharing your story.

Sharing your love whether you are adopted, an adoptive parent or a birth parent, is the magic of adoption and a story that yearns to be told. Adoption will help you tell the unique story of your personal adoption experience

The Vacation Dailies come with 16 Story Leafs. Each Story Leaf provides simple questions that will give you and your family or those you travel with a fun way to preservie your memories as they happen.
What a perfect way for letting every member of the the traveling party contribute to the stories of the vacation

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