Friday, May 1, 2009

Kids Can Publish Books Too!!

Looking for a great summertime activity? An activity your kids will love and learn at the same time? One where they will have the results sitting on your shelves for years to come? Try Cherish Bounds and the Publishing Center. For $29 your children can write,edit, and add photos to their own 5x 7 softbound book with 24 pages. They can pick their own templates,use scrapbook layouts,all sorts of stuff. The Publishing Center is easy to use. Jackson has started this book called,Me and My Dogs. These is just the front and back cover and we are still working on it.

I can help with tools to get you started or you can purchase a publishing certificate in my store at and get started right away and in about 2 weeks you or your child could be a published author.
Keep the Faith,