Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Budget Friendly Sets

Looking for a way to write your story or help your kids write their own stories? Do you want to write a book about your school year or an accomplishments of one of your kids? You can write a book about any subject,you can add photos,memorabilia,artwork,anything that can be scanned can be uploaded into your book. I put together a set to get you going and save you money at the same time. The set includes: The Sassie Binder,The Writing and Publishing Guide,Notebook pages,Story Pockets and a $29 publishing coupon. The binder will help you keep organized. The pages and story pockets will allow you to keep your story,photos and memorabilia together. The publishing certificate can be used for a 5x 7 24 page soft bound book,which can be upgraded to hard bound. Click on My Store for my information.

Keep the Faith,