Friday, May 8, 2009

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have been going through all my old pictures from when I was a kid and boy it has been an experience. Looking at pictures of me when I was in first grade which was ?** years ago but in a way seems like only yesterday. I am splitting them up into groups of each child ,scanning them into my computer and uploading them into a family history book. I also have a bunch of old pictures of my great great grandparents that I am so excited about being able to put those is a published book so that my children's children can pull those books down from a shelf one day and get to live a little bit of history through them. If you have some old pictures consider putting them into a nice bound book . Here are a few of mine .

Me and my sister.
My grandparents at their 50th wedding anniversary.
Me in 8th grade.

Me in about 4th grade.

Me in about 2nd grade.

Me in about 1 st grade

My other grandparents.
Me in about kindergarten.

Old Family pictures. I am not sure of the dates of these right now. I just thought they were cool.

I do know that this is my great great grandfather who fought in the Civil War. This made Jackson very excited since he is studying The Civil War right now.
I will share more pictures soon as well as screen shots of putting the books together online at the publishing center.
Keep the Faith,


Momma Snail said...

Your old family photos are really cool! Have you thought about a family history book? That would be neat for Jackson to make. You look sooo young in 8th grade. Remember how old and big we felt back then? Like little adults. Now when I see 8th graders, I think they are little kids.