Monday, May 11, 2009

Hitting The Road This Summer??

Hitting the road this summer? Taking a cruise,plane or train? Heading to the tropics or mountains? Wherever your journey's takes you you are sure to make tons of memories with your friends and family. To remember your daily activities take along Story Dailies.Story Dailies are 16 story leaves that are designed to help you write your story one day at a time. Each card has several questions,take a few minutes each day to answer one or a combination of questions. When you are done with each one you can add a photo,postcard or any other memorabilia from your trip. Now,this is the cool part, you can let each person on your trip fill out one and at the end of your trip you have a nice journal of your trip from each persons perspective or do it all yourself, either way you will have a fun reminder of your trip. By completing a card daily you are sure not to miss anything that happens on your trip. Another idea is once you get home is to use the Vacation Story Starter to write your vacation story.These also have lots of questions to get your vacation story started. Here' the best part once you have your story written and your photos and memorabilia ready to go(remember anything you can scan into a jpeg image can go in your book.
Use our Vacation Designer Book to publish your own Vacation Memory Book.

I hope you have a great vacation wherever your travels take you. Keep your memories for a lifetime so you can relive your trip over and over again. Email me with any questions or comments. I offer many options to help you get your memories preserved.
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Veronica Lee said...

Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.